Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1031 :D

Huraay!! i finally reached 1000 visitors! big thanks to everyone who has been visited my blog! *MWAH*

PS : always, xoxo

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fashion Class


1. if you want to wear a blazer, make sure it bigger one size than your size  Photobucket

2. if you want to wear a skirt, do not wear skirts to knee length. It will make your calves bigger and your legs look short and fat. believe me milkysmile

3. if you want to wear super hot pants, make sure your thighs clear of dirt so that people who see it will not be disturbed  milkysmile
4. if you want to wear the colors collide, avoid colors that are too light and patterns that are too crowded because it can attract people's attention and you'll look like a clown  Photobucket
5. if you want to wear high heels or boots, avoid wearing shoes that are too high, because you will look odd and people will feel intimidated by you Photobucket 
6. customize your clothing with your body. do not force if you wear clothes that do not fit or inappropriate. do not worry, not following fashion does not mean old-fashioned. would be better if you create your own style instead of copying from magazines milkysmile  

Well, that's all for today. i'll be back with more fashion advices. ciao! Photobucket 

PS : know fashion, feel fashion, LOVE fashion! milkysmile 

Silly, Milly, Dilly!

Hello! Bello! Mello! haha so funny -.- i think the heat makes me a bit nuts. why? did you ask me why? well, nobody likes high temperature. it makes you wanna scream and you feel frustrated because you can't go out from house. your skin will be red and you will really sweat, i mean, really really sweat.

I'm talking about the heat and today is a hot day! wew, i hate hot days! i become lazy and it makes me want to lying on the carpet, switch on the air conditioner and watch tv all day. i know, what a bad habit.

I'm sorry, i don't want to complain anymore. i want to post some photos of me, well, i know i'm a bit narcisstic but, please understand me. thanks to the heat i can't think clearly and now i'm eating a cheese burger so, enjoy my photos while i'm eating!

Let's begin!

at my house with my besties. we're wearing short pants and short skirts. that's me wearing a big grey t-shirt and grey short pants

 me in front of my room wearing white blouse. yeah, i've got two chubby cheeks but they make me cuter. (EXTRA LOL) 


hey girl! you look weird! what are you thinking about? you look confused about something

 what's the matter? tell me! tell me!

i can't believe it! i lost several kilos! yess! my diet works! look, my waist is smaller now!

excellent! let's buy some yoghurts and celebrate it with my besties!


PS :written with feeling mixed, my stomach full and a bit too much, maybe?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Playlist

WOOHOOO! i'm so glad my new playlist musics works! the old one was broken so i replaced it with a new one. hm, i hope you like it! listen, feel, and enjoy the musics!

PS : written with a good mood  :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Message From the Real World

Hey guys! long time no post! uh, i miss you sooooo much! it has been three months since my last post. Photobucket

By the way, how's your day? was it good? mm, i just came home from school. wow, what a hot day today! i'm a bit sleepy but i don't want to take a nap. you know, i hate napping. Photobucket

Honestly, i don't have any story to tell. hahaha. so, forgive me if you get bored when you read this post. milkysmile

Well, i'm starting to write a novel. this is my first novel since 9th grade. fyi, writing has been my passion since  i was a kid. i used to write short stories and my mom collected all of them.

My story is about a teenage girl who has everything. she has a perfect body (not boney or fat, of course!), she has a very, very beautiful face that can hypnotized everybody who see her, she has a pair of famous parents, she has lot of money, she has A-listers (a.k.a celebs) as her best friends, and she has a god look-alike famous model as her boyfriend. not boyfriend, boyfriend. i mean, they're close to each other but they're not dating. 

It looks like her life isn't difficult at all but, she always miserable. she lives in a big house, like a palace. her parents are so busy and they don't have time with their daughter. they always left her alone and they never tell her where they go. it's like today she sees them in the house and the next day they gone somewhere.

Because she was an only child, she doesn't have anybody to talk to. the only person she has is her nanny. that old lady always take care of her since, well, she was a baby! she often think that her nanny is her second Mom. she loves her but in the same time she dislikes her.

Pathetic, don't you think? she has popularity, beauty and money. but it seems she doesn't feel happy. she'd rather live in a small house with her Mom and Dad. she'd also rather be poor than rich because, she thinks the money make her parents leave her.

So, don't think a princess life is good. i know she has everything but you have to take the risks like, your parents will leave you because of their busy works and you'll be on gossip column in every magazines because people know who you are and that would be, i bet, so annoying!

Hm, i have to go to the course so see ya! thanks for reading my post(s)! enjoy your self and i'll continue my story sometime. BUHBYEEEEE!!!!! milkysmile

PS : which one is better for my novel title? Suffer and Happiness Go Great Together or That Is Me? remember, the story is about a girl who has everything but, she's not happy with her life.  i write it like she's telling her life to the readers. i mean, i play as the girl.